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Turkmenistan prepares for the World Weightlifting Championship

The World Weightlifting Championship will be held in Ashgabat on October 28 – November 10, 2018. Applications from 100 countries (9 states of Africa, 38 European countries, 29 Asian countries, 15 American and 9 Oceania countries) came for participation in the competitions. Therefore, arrival of 800 of foreign sportsmen and 1500 representatives of different countries including referee teams, journalists, etc. are expected. 500 volunteers from the universities of Turkmenistan have been trained for servicing of the tournament.

Works for development of the website of the championship, accreditation of the participants are carried out. Uniform for volunteers, organizers and Turkmenistan team is prepared by the facilities of the Ministry of Textile Industry of the country. Ticket sale for the opening ceremony of the competition has started in Berkarar Shopping and Entertainment Centre and in Ashgabat Park. The Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs and the Ministry of Culture carry out relevant works.

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