Nadir-Shah Fortress

Nadir-Shah Fortress – Just over 20km south of Kaka, close to the village of Khivabad, lies an 18th-century fortress, built during the rule of Nadir Shah, founder of the Afsharid Dynasty in Iran.

Set in an attractive location at the foot of the Kopet Dag Mountains, the rectangular fortress walls retain a good sense of the original structure. Fluvial erosion has destroyed most of the southern wall of the fortress, but elsewhere towers and battlements survive. From gates in the north and east walls, roads run to the remains of a large walled building in the centre of the complex. A mound reaching a height of 10m in the north wall of the fortress offers an excellent vantage point across the site. The fortress is also known as Old Khivabad: it is said that Nadir Shah, held in slavery in Khiva in his youth, vowed that one day he would move Khiva to his homeland. When he became a powerful leader, he conquered Khiva. The tale runs that he took thousands of prisoners, ordering each of them to take with them soil from Khiva. With this he constructed the fortress of Khivabad near the Kopet Dag Mountains.