General Informations

Turkmenistan is a country in Central Asia. It is the second largest state in Central Asia, after Kazakhstan, and the southernmost of the region's five republics. The country is bordered by Kazakhstan on the northwest, Uzbekistan on the north and east, Afghanistan on the southeast, Iran on the south, and the Caspian Sea on the west. After Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan is the least densely populated of the Central Asian states. Much of its waterless expanse is inhospitable to plant and animal life. Except for oases in narrow strips dotted along the foothills of the Kopet-Dag Range and along the Amu Darya, Morghab, and Tejen rivers, deserts characterize its sun-baked, sandy terrain. From 1925 to 1991 Turkmenistan was the Turkmen Soviet Socialist Republic, a constituent (union) republic of the Soviet Union; it declared independence on Sep. 27,1991. The capital is Ashgabat (Ashkhabad), which lies near the southern border with Iran.


Official Name: Turkmenistan Capital: Ashgabat Population: 6.043.618 Total area: 488.1OO sq. km Density: 8 people per sq. km Languages: Turkmen  Religions: Muslim 85% Eastern Orthodox 10% other 5% Ethnic mix: Turkmen 78% Uzbek 9% Russian 6% Kazakh 5% and others 2% National currency: Manat

Turkmen Visa

How to get a Turkmen Visa?

To get Turkmen visa you need to have a Letter of Invitation (LOI) first. LOI processing period is 15 days. Read more...

When to Travel

March-April or October-November is the best time to travel to Turkmenistan. We would like to invite you to our festivals, like Novruz festival (Central Asia New year) and Turkmen Ahal Teke horse festival. Check the link below of some Turkmenistan tours; some holidays make for an eventful and exciting trip. You can also find combined tours through Central Asian countries. Check out combined, group, and individual tours that we offer in Turkmenistan.



Turkmenistan has one of the most strict visa policies among Central Asian countries. Almost all foreign citizens should have a Turkmen visa to enter the country. The visa application requires visa support and a letter of invitation (LOI) from a travel agency, which usually takes 3-4 weeks. Review the links below for details about the visa procedure, and send us a message to request visa support for Turkmenistan.

Turkmenistan – country of kindness and hospitality

Turkmenistan is located in Central Asia and is primarily covered by desert. Not yet over-run by tourists. Turkmenistan is renowned for its hospitality and rich oriental culture. Visit sleepy desert cities along the Great Silk Road, experience vibrant bazaars filled with delicious local food and intricate handicrafts or relax on the wonderful beaches along the Caspian Sea. Turkmenistan has it all. According to historians’ assessments, the history of civilizations existed in this land covers almost five thousand years. Remains of those vanished cultures can be found here almost everywhere: in the desert and the foothills of mountains, along with the channels of dry rivers and in caves. Traces of human activity have been preserved in the form of implements, domestic utensils and real works of art made of stone, bone, ceramic and metal, including bronze, silver, and gold. But it is the architecture which most recollects the distant ancestors of the Turkmen, beginning with the earthenware houses, sanctuaries and formerly inaccessible fortresses of the ancient world to the luxurious palaces and temples of the Middle Ages.

Turkmenistan is the home of some of the world’s oldest civilizations, having made a significant contribution to the development of World culture. Contemporary Turkmenistan’s borders first appeared in the world around the same time as India’s and the countries of the Middle East.

However, historical sources prove that in the 3rd-2nd millennia BC two large states, which were consolidated nations living far from each other in the desert and river valleys, were established on the territory of present-day Turkmenistan.

Ashgabat – the capital of Turkmenistan

Ashgabat – the city of love and hope rises between the Garagum desert and the foothills of the Kopetdag mountains. The combination of oriental cultural traditions and modern urban design makes this country one of the most exciting in Central Asia.

Modern Ashgabat abounds with harmonious white marbled skyscrapers and ornate public buildings, unique palaces, monuments and hotels and mosques as lacy as jewelry. New modern highways, vivifying arteries, pass throughout the city connecting prestigious districts and suburbs.

Hospitality from the heart

The hospitable Turkmens, who maintain some of their nomadic traditions, will make your stay in Turkmenistan into an unforgettable event. Experience the life of the country straight out of 1001 Nights and feel the warmth of the Turkmens for yourself. Visiting local markets and neighborhoods allows you to experience a diverse oriental culture and really get a feeling for local life. Those who like it quieter can observe the bustle of the streets from a sidewalk café with a warm cup of tea while conversing with locals.