Balkan Region

Balkan region

Balkan velayat is situated in the western part of Turkmenistan. The region is known for its succession of flat sandy hills and saline hollows. The south west of Balkan velayat lies in a dry subtropical zone that is good for such valuable fruit trees as fig, pomegranate, olive, pistachio and other. The area of the velayat is 139 000 km2 and the population is about 400 000 inhabitants. The capital is Balkanabat; other industrial centers are Turkmenbashi, Khazar and Serdar.

In the field of industrial development, the priority is given to the fuel-energy complex. Chemical and food industries are also of a great importance.

Recently the major gas mains such as Turkmenistan-Iran and Bereket-Serdar have been put into operation. These are a number of industrial enterprises - porcelain works, oil refinery and flour mill in Balkanabat. Large-scale restoration works have been carried out at oil gas deposits of Burun and Korpedzhe. Balkan velayat is well known for its spinal rehabilitation sanatorium in Mollagara. This region has good prospects in the field of tourism for ancient architectural monuments and excellent seacoast area.

The Caspian coast is famous for its remarkable sands, clear water, abundant sea flora and fauna, favourable for underwater sports. The most popular seaside places are Khazar and Avaza (suburb of Turkmenbashi). The later became the national tourist zone. The tourist itineraries around Balkan normally include a recreation at the Caspian coastline, trips to historical monuments such as mysterious, ghostly ruins of the medieval city of Dekhistan and others, as well as a visit to a wonderful, fantastically beautiful subtropical area of Turkmenistan, the valley of the Sumbar River in Garrygala. Tourists will make acquaintance with life and works of Makhtumkuli Fragi, outstanding Turkmen poet and classic of the oriental literature, in his native village Gerkez “Yuwvan-kala”.



The National tourist zone “Avaza”

Sumbar River