Shevlan-Baba – This shrine pilgrimage site lies at the base of the hills, close to the town of Magtymguly.

Shibly Baba, who is said to have been a wise and educated man from Baghdad, is the protector of the insane, and it is believed that a night here will cure the pilgrim of disorders of the mind. The long cloth-covered tomb of Shibly Baba lies in a recently reconstructed mausoleum. The versatile Shibly Baba is also considered to offer protection against lightning and fires. One of the artefacts in the complex suggests a further set of demands placed upon him. This is a stone shaped like a rather stumpy phallus. It has a small hole in the top: women wanting a child reportedly pour yoghurt into this, and then spend the night next to the stone. Close by is a small area in which mandrake is cultivated. A twin-trunked tree on the edge of the complex is another focus of pilgrims’ attention. It is said that the tree will physically prevent sinners from walking between the trunks.