Igdy Kala

Igdy Kala is a Parthian fortress dated I century B.C. – IV century A.D. located on the high rocky bank of Uzboy river, creating a narrow and picturesque canyon. It’s situated in 150 km to North from Serdar city.

Its building plan corresponds to irregular trapezium with 60 х 60 х 75 х 45 m size. Northeast wall is constructed on a steep at a height of 30 m, from remaining 3 sides the fortress is surrounded with a ditch carved in a rock. Fortification is built up from flat stone flags and fortified by right-angled towers (11 towers like these remained throughout the walls’ perimeter, but walls themselves remained only to 1, 5m height). Inside of the walls and towers there are narrow loopholes which probably used to be arrow-shaped, typical for antique military architecture of Khorezm.

Outside walls are covered by puddle, and on the inside there used to be a corridor similar to shooting gallery next to them. As S.P.Tolstov mentioned (leader of the expedition which discovered this monument in 1954), «in whole the fortress constructed from stone which is non-typical material for Khorezm, in all details corresponds to principles of Khorezm fortification and construction, but its external design didn’t differ from late antique Khorezm fortifications because of plastering». Igdy Kala was built to control waterway through Uzboy (from India to Black Sea). At the same time fortress had an important meaning for communication of nomadic people and Parthian Kingdom, which was located southward.