Margush Hotel

Margush Hotel

 Location: 20, Govshut Khan Str.

    Established in 2004, the Margush Hotel is situated not far from the center of Mary.

  • Margush Hotel 3*

  •      A white-marble building was erected right at the entrance to the regional center, on the bank of the ancient Murgap River. A project was implemented by specialists of Turkish company Ecol. There are 28 rooms in the hotel as well as a restaurant, a swimming pool, a sauna and a fitness hall.

         Visiting the region travelers are driven, first of all, by the desire to see the famous historical-cultural conservation area Old Merv, which is included in the UNESCO's world heritage list. It has retained such unique fortresses like Erik Gala, Gaur Gala, Soltan Gala, Iskander Gala and the most famous in the East medieval monument, Sultan Sanjar shrine, which was recently reconstructed. Visitors are also attracted by secrets of the old state of Margush. Excavation works headed by Russian scientist Viktor Sarianidi are currently under way there. The center of one of the five world oldest civilizations, found in Gonur Depe, lies almost 100 km from Mary and mostly through dunes. There will be arranged small aviation flights for travelers to visit this site in the future.

    Hotel facilities:

    Continental breakfast, bar, restaurant, outdoor swimming pool, sauna, parking, porter service, Satellite TV, AC, 24-hour room service, telephone

  • Number of rooms: 28 (single, double rooms and suites)

    Single Classic rooms – 50 USD

    Twin Classic rooms — 60 USD

    Luxe — 150 USD